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We accept orders by telephone, especially for first-time users. This lets us know what type of engines you have, your water supply and operating conditions and ensure that the product ordered is the best for you. We also accept orders and respond to inquiries to ''. We always send written instructions to first-time users.

We do not accept charge cards, nor do we require advance payment. We will send an invoice with your order. This saves you and us 4 % up-front. Over our 30 years, we have enjoyed doing business with the nicest and most honest people around!

Terlyn LSB 4000® for full-size engines, LSB 8000® for Live Steam scale models.
The best available modern liquid treatment. This uses Amine rather than Alkali, so it is automatic and self-regulating. An excellent cleaner and metal protectant, it is often used for in-service cleanup of heavily scaled boilers. Traction engineers often simply listen to the sound of the whistle and cylinder exhaust. A scientific predictive method is to use a conductivity TDS tester. ® Products of Terlyn Industries, Clearwater, FL, USA

Half the strength, LSB 8000 pint - $13 ea., $25 pair.
LSB 4000, Quart - $50, Gallon - $200, 5 Gallon - $900

BoilerSaver 4161 – modern liquid packaged in quarts, gallons and 5 gallons.
Based on your water supply conditions, it may need to be supplemented with soda ash to have sufficient alkalinity and pH control. It loosens and cleans old deposits and incoming minerals, converting them to a fine soft sludge. Daily blowdown, water sampling, testing and controlling “ P “ alkalinity are a must.
Quart - $45, Gallon - $180, 5 Gallon - $900

RustStop 85 – Chemically remove free oxygen from water. Prevent rusting.
A new standard in boiler protection. Perfect for wet layup, check each 30 days.
Test kit included with initial order.
It is packaged for use in Quarts, Gallons, 5 Gallon jugs and 397 Lb. drums.
Quart - $ 65, Gallon - $ 195, 5 Gallon - $ 750, 55 Gal. Drum - $ 2,450 plus freight.

Rough n’ Ready – dry powder packaged in reusable screw top poly tubs.
A traditional 1890’s era mild alkali and natural organic mixture. This is milled and dried for easy dissolving. It works, protecting metal, loosening and cleaning old deposits and incoming minerals, converting them to a soft sludge. Daily blowdown, water sampling, testing and controlling “ P “ alkalinity are a must.

Dose to achieve 100 to 300 Parts Per Million alkalinity.
4 Lb. - $15, 8 Lb. - $30

Taylor K – 1645 – 2 test kit, Alkalinity, Chlorides, Hardness, approximately 100 tests each, with simple instructions. $149.

Taylor K
HM Digital TDS4 Predict and prevent foaming, know what your boiler water is doing. Know when a blowdown is needed before the need is apparent.

HM Digital TDS4, pocket-sized Total Dissolved Solids meter. $30

The key factor in boiler preservation and performance is knowledge and understanding.

To promote this, questions and guidance are free. Have treatment supplies from another source and have questions ? No problem, just ask.
We are primarily steam preservationists, just like you.

In-depth consultation, involving research, analysis, reporting, and travel, based on a purchase order or agreement with an estimate or budget is $ 60 per hour plus expenses.

This includes travel and mileage, lodging, per-diem, and copying. We will let you know in advance, we will not surprise you with unexpected charges.